Q: How did Nnenna & Friends come about?

Nnenna & Friends Entertainment Company is a subsidiary of Wale Adenuga Productions Limited. In 2009, Nnenna & Friends debuted, owing to the huge success of a certain Superstory series captioned; Nnenna, a gift of love. The ‘Nnenna’ character captivated audiences nationwide, most especially children & teens. Hence, Wale Adenuga Productions decided to turn “Nnenna” into a children’s brand.


Q: Who is Nnenna?

Nnenna, (Olayinka Olukunga Ademo) is a model, actress, singer, Mother. She has a big passion for the youth and is a role model to a lot of children and teenagers. She is also an ambassador for children, several organisations and is a popular household name in Nigeria. Nnenna is a graduate of Marketing, Lagos State University. Fired by her love for children, she sought more knowledge and experience in the educational sector. This led to her gaining a post graduate degree in Educational Administration and Planning from the University of Lagos. She is happily married and blessed with a set of twins.


Q: Is Nnenna Nigerian?

Yes she is. A Yoruba lady from Lagos state.

Q: What is Nnenna & Friends all about?

Nnena & Friends is a brand which was established in May 2009 by Wale Adenuga Productions with the sole aim of providing a dedicated commitment to child development through edutainment. It provides exciting services like Brainpower Game TV Show, Live Show, Educational Tours and the very interesting Cartoon Magazines for the reading pleasure of the whole family


Q: Can Nnenna Visit Our School?

Nnenna welcomes invitations to Children related events and programmes garnered towards the development of the African Child. So, YES she can visit your school.


Q: Who are the N-Stars?

The N-Stars are a group of talented performers within ages 6 – 19 years who perform alongside Nnenna on stage at her Live Shows. They include young Singers, Dancers and Instrumentalists. They are open to invitations to perform at events that are Children related.

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